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Review of Skeptics in the Pub: Madrid 30/01/2010 —

Last Saturday, the first Skeptics in the Pub event in Spain took place in Madrid. Nearly 60 people attended the meeting to talk about the proposed theme ‘Astrology’. After the 20-minute speech, everyone joined the debate and were soon exchanging points of view of how Astrology was absurdly present in today’s world. As 100% of the audience turned out to be skeptic-minded, the debate followed a consistent path of self-criticism and daring proposals. Before the end, a hobbyist magician performed some well-known Uri Geller’s tricks, later explaining the rather dullness of the underlying technique. The first Skeptics in the Pub in Madrid was considered a total success though some limitations mostly regarding audio problems should be fixed in the future. The Madrid Skeptics in the Pub group plans to hold at least one event bimonthly.